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Our screen printing process begins with an idea. A customer may bring in a business card, an old tee shirt, or maybe a photo. We then have to create the graphic file. Sometimes this means redrawing the logo from scratch or editing the provided file. If the logo is multi color all the colors need to be separated. Once we have a clean, line art, color separated art file we move to creating the films.

A film positive of the image is created, one film for every color or location to be printed. For example if you have a 2 color left chest logo and 3 color back logo 5 separate films are made. We then take these films and burn the images they carry onto individual screens.

The screen is basically a mesh panel inserted on a metal frame that is coated with a light sensitive material. Using a high powered light table we are able to burn the images from the film onto the screens. The same number of films is needed in screens because each color and location is printed separately. The screens are then washed, dried, taped up to avoid ink spilling out the sides and are now ready for use on the press.

Our printing press, a massive semi automatic machine which can print 8 individual ink colors and up to 2,000 pieces daily. Or we have a 6 color manual machine for smaller jobs of 12 to 100 pieces. Next the screens are each attached onto the machine, and registered with each other so that the image lines up. Once filled with ink, squeegees are used to force the ink through the mesh screen. Thus printing the logo onto the garment.

Once the garment is printed it's run through a gas dryer at approximately 400° to cure the ink. If a second location is needed the shirts are then stacked and brought back up to the press and printed a second time in the new location. Then run through the dryer again. Once printed the shirts are then counted for accuracy, checked for quality, folded, boxed, and labeled for the customer and are now ready for pick up.

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