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Our embroidery process begins with a logo. Either from letter head, a business card, maybe a garment you already have. Don't have a logo? No worries we can help you create one.

Once the logo is finalized we need to create a program that teaches our machine how to sew it. This is called digitizing. Basically in embroidery machine language it tells the machine to sew X stitches here, stop, move, sew some more. It's a map of your logo. With this program complete we sew every logo out on fabric first. To ensure accuracy, good quality stitching, and make sure that it runs on the machine the right way.

The sewouts that we do also serve as a proof to the customer. We want every customer to know exactly what they are getting so there are no surprises. We make every effort to sew your logo onto similar fabric to make it as close to your garment as possible.

After approval of the sewout we load the design into the machine's computer. With 12 individual heads each sewing a garment, we have the ability to produce thousands of embroidered items each week.

Each item is secured with a plastic hoop, and a material backing. This keeps the fabric stable during embroidery process. Sew time varies depending on the garment, complexity, and number of stitches in the design. A standard size left chest logo might take 10 minutes to sew, or a full jacket back design could take several hours.

Once sewing is complete the garment is trimmed free of any loose threads, the backing cut away, and checked for quality. Once it passes inspection a finishing spray is used to remove any pressure marks from the hoop. The garments are then folded, boxed and labeled for the customer and are ready for pick up.

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